Do men prefer New versus Consistent?

Do men prefer New versus Consistent?

Essentially this question is a question about Monogamy. Can a man be loyal to a single person? Or does he enjoy the entertainment of new women? What is their preference? And if their preference is New then is monogamy an attainable principle or merely a socially accepted construct?

According to a twitter poll, men explicitly selected that they prefer consistent over new:
But, nonetheless, 34% of participants voted that their preference was with someone new and the comments of this user group was more vocal than the opposition. With comments like: “New pussy has a certain allure or charm to it..” or “If you get bored with the consistent go with the new..” supports the narrative that men like options. Subconsciously we associate “New Pussy” with “Hoes” while equating “Consistent Pussy” to loyal women. Meanwhile, any one of these assumptions can prove to be false.

“New pussy gets compared to old pussy and it’s not always good. Nothing is better than consistent good pussy” someone wrote to support their vote. This perspective opens up another topic: If your sexual partner is amazing at sex does this guarantee loyalty? And if so, this speaks volumes for women who we see being publicly cheated on; Lala, Eniko Hart, Tammy Rivera, Gabrielle Union, etc. 

Even though the stats say one thing, this is one of those questions that you already know the answers to. “They gotta put consistent pussy…” another quote, alluding to the fact that majority of people will not willingly admit to an unfavorable behavior. 


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