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Discover How to Claim Your Company Online

The internet is filled up with millions of websites, some in different categories and some very similar in names. Claiming your brand on the web is one of the most important things to do for your business. Ntw Designs, a web design company that provides professional web design services has made a list of how you can claim your company on the web.

Website URL. The first way to claim your company online is to start off by purchasing your website domain name. This is your company name and it should most likely be available for purchase if your company is as unique as it should be! Always select a .com domain name, but if for some reason your company name is taken in .com, then trying adding a dash in between.

Online Blogs. Online web blogs are the best things to capture for your brand. Grab a BlogSpot, WordPress, and a live journal accounts for your company. On these accounts, it is recommended to start posting blogs on a weekly basis to improve company web visibility online.

Business Listings. Web sites like Yelp, google business, and BBB are some of the most trusted places online where a business should claim their company name. These websites leave an open space for all future clients to review if they desire to. Business listings are usually free to claim and produce great results for local SEO.

Social Media. Social media websites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and google plus are some of the most popular social media accounts that a company should be claimed on. Every company should verify their profile and have a professionally verified account on these social media sites. It is important to make the companies name as the name on the username for each social media site.


Brand Identity. A brand identity graphic package is needed to stand out on the web. The top brands that make billions in revenue a year are often known for their logo and color choices. Create a brand identity for your company and showcase it online.

SEO.  Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to increase online buzz and website visibility.Companies with higher SEO scores get more hits, popularity, and become much more credible online. It is recommended that every company start off with quality SEO. Meta tags are a great way to start tagging pages with keywords to notify search engines of ranking category.

Location and Contact Info. Leave your detailed company contact info and location open online. Unless you have a private corporation, it’s a great idea to identify where you are located. This makes it much easier for future web visitors to find your location and increase trust for your business online.

Claiming your company online is very important! Use the ways provided above to successfully claim your business on the web.