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Different uses of printed circuit boards

There are a wide variety of electronic devices which use printed circuit boards in them. Radios, computers and radar machines also have PCBs in them. The PCB connects electrical appliances through pads traces and other features. Printed circuit boards are available in a variety of designs; they can also be used for a variety of different devices and applications. Prototype PCB can be used to develop designs of other PCBs. Single sided, double sided and rigid are some of the major types of printed circuit boards.

Single sided printed circuit board

Printed circuit boards of the single side have a single layer of base material, and one of its ends is coated with a thin layer of metal. The wire is coated with the copper metal. The single-sided printed circuit boards are used in basic electronic devices; these are usually used in simple electrical devices which are of daily use in our home and at our workplaces. The single-sided PCB includes a wide range of electronic devices on a single side.

The double-sided printed circuit board

The double-sided printed circuit boards are very popular and mostly used by many people, and business means in their business. The double-sided PCB is much more popular than the single sided PCB. The double-sided PCB is having both the ends with a metal coating conductive layer. Other elements are also present in the double-sided printed circuit boards which allow the designers to add more elements to such PCBs.

Rigid printed circuit boards

The material such as fiberglass is used in rigid circuit boards; the rigid printed circuit boards have rigid and solid material present in them. The presence of rigid and solid materials in the circuit boards prevents them from twisting and turning due to harsh conditions. Motherboards which are found in computers are a great example of rigid printed circuit boards.

Multilayer printed circuit boards

The multilayer PCB is a complicated printed circuit board which has three layers of conductive material. Multilayer PCB can be used in computers, satellites, and file servers. The design of multilayer PCB is similar to that of double sided PCB. The additional layers in the multilayer PCB are situated beyond the bottom and top layer of PCB.