Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Décor Ideas that Have the Potential to Go Big

At the beginning of every year, design experts predict some trends that they expect to rule the next twelve months. Many of these replace with new fashions, but a few come with a staying power to dominate the home decoration scene a couple of years. Let’s take a look at some current design trends that we will possibly be seeing in the future too.  

Dark Window Trims

So far, we’ve seen the trims in either white or other soft shades. However, dark tones, especially black and deep brown, are the perfect choice to accent big windows and doors. Such a bold move is destined to draw the eye and take the attention from the ugly spots of a room. The black trim will make the windows and doors pop and give the place a refreshing look. Moreover, you can use with any style – modern, farmhouse, traditional, Tudor, etc.

Simple Lines with Dynamic Details

Thoughtful simplification is something the current homeowners have welcomed with open arms. Flat-paneled furniture void of any rich details is highly favored and is expected to retain the popularity in the upcoming years. Think of flat-front kitchen cabinets and low-key appliances offset by statement trimming, graphic textiles, or eclectic tiling. Such an atmosphere will feel welcoming to anyone. Besides, the lack of ornate moldings makes it easier to clean and wipe. Such furnishings in their minimalist form also fit well with modern interiors. 

Wainscoting in Bathrooms

Painted wood panel wainscoting has been gaining momentum, and it is likely to enjoy the newfound love for years to come. The architectural feature is a terrific way to boost the visual interest of a room whether you choose the medium to be wood panels or MDF boards with crown moldings. You can pair it up with plenty of design elements – wallpaper, mural, artwork, or some accessories. Painting it with a lovely hue will further help the beautiful feature to stand on its own.

In addition, wainscoting is also making its place in other rooms of the home. Nowadays, you may find it in anywhere of a modern residence – from the bedroom to family room or the kitchen to the entrance. offered so many wainscoting styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

Satin Brass Fixtures

The brass finish on metal items has made a comeback recently. Home designers adore it for the burnished golden tones that give the feeling of luxury without the high price tag. However, the more muted and warmer tones such as the satin and brushed brass are getting all the love in recent times because of their transitional quality.

You can throw the fixtures and faucets with a satin brass polish into the mix of various colors and finishes for a more eclectic look. They create a sultry, irresistible style when juxtaposed with a combination of dark and neutral colors.

Tiled Walls in Bathrooms and Kitchens

The typical below the cabinets and above-the-countertop backsplash built with tiles are still popular, but the homeowners these days like to be dramatic with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling tile coverage.

The tiles have tremendous potential because of their ability to fit in various design schemes. You can use them for creating a feature wall, a focal point, or as an element that ties all the items in a room together and gives a cohesive look. They are likely to have a bigger presence in small and medium-sized kitchens and bathrooms. The 3D tiles are another good option for creating a spectacular effect, especially in the bathrooms. They can create the illusion of movement and uplift a place with whimsical quality.

People are eco-conscious more than ever and are willing to lead a life without being hostile to nature. So, the sustainable lifestyle will gain more followers in the future. Many homeowners now use energy-efficient light sources, refurbished furniture, and recycled materials to put less burden on the environments and natural resources. The urge of going green is likely to become a massive movement in the coming years, and we’ll see more and more homes embracing the sustainable design and decoration.