Death Over Designer

“Some people take the words “Fresh to Death” way too serious”

Coming from where I’m from, not having the freshest sneakers every week wasn’t an option. Weekend after weekend, release after release, standing in lines and camping out overnight just became natural. But in 2011 on the release date of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord,” my perspective over my love for buying sneakers changed.

It was supposed to be a normal release, I needed a pair for myself and my chick at the time, so me and my homeboy decided to get out there early at like 2 a.m. prior to the release. We get there and it’s literally a barricade of people in the parking lot because mall security wanted everyone to lineup in an orderly fashion; Jordan 11 releases normally caused chaos. Despite all the yelling and shouting, there seemed to be some sort of order. But eventually the chaos came because as soon as they said we could line up, the race was off, parents, kids, and someone’s grandmother in a wheelchair for some reason. Me and my boy were running like crazy, and I saw this bush that I thought i could jump over to make a shortcut to the front of the line, so I headed for it. Next thing I know, I was literally on the bottom of a dog-pile of people, since I wasn’t the only one hurdling the bush. It’s probably 7 people squishing down on me, I’m gasping for air and I look up and saw my homeboy on top of the pile, smiling down at me, and I’m like, “Yo, Pierre, you wanna come out here?”

I eventually made it out from underneath the pile with my boys help, and we were standing in line, but I looked up front to get a headcount and somehow grandma in the wheelchair was the first person in line. How in the hell? It was whatever, but now we’re all in a somewhat organized line, but of course people were pushing, and the line was swaying, probably 300 deep. A dad next to me threatened the whole line to stop pushing or, as he swore to god, he would pull out his gun and start firing, I’m thinking to myself, please god control these people, I just want the shoes. Mall security eventually got tired of the madness, around 6 a.m., fired up some mace in the air and postponed the release until later in the day.

Now what? I told my boy let’s go to the other mall, 25 minutes away, it was less of a hassle crowd wise, and might be easier for us to get these damn shoes. We rode out and stood in line, I was able to cop the kids size for my chick, and now i had to get my pair. I told him let’s ride again to this other mall, 30 minutes away, and take our chances, so we did. No luck there for either of us, I was in high school so I wasn’t paying resale, I think they were going for $400 out the gate, nah Daniel Son.

I gave up at that point, it was pushing up on 11 a.m., and I was upset, I did all that damn work, damn near lost my life and only got some chicks shoes, I was pissed. I learned a valuable lesson that day though, sneakers ain’t that important, not worth going through what I went through, if my pair ain’t on hold, I don’t want or need them in my life.

Sidenote, I did however end up buying that Jordan 11 “Concord” a week later for $375. Kanye shrug.