Freegame: Getting Curved 101

Curve; verb – 1. to be dismissed after expressed interest. 2. to deliberately reject.

This is a consistently revolving topic on Twitter: what’s a curve? In the absence of clarity people to tend to default to what they would prefer to be true. For example, a man would assume that a woman who is responding to his messages is at least a little interested even if the messages say otherwise. Why? Because why else would she be responding?

Let’s explore all the ways you may have potentially been subtly curved:

“lol” (And any other dry one worded response)
Translation: I’m trying to be nice but don’t text me no more

“I just saw this”
Translation: I, in fact, already noticed you texted me but I’m just now deciding to pay you attention.

“I’m usually really busy”
Translation: I’m too busy for people I’m not interested in.

“Hit me up when you’re in my city”
Translation: Don’t hit me up. I’m just being nice.

*double taps your message*
Translation: I don’t really love this but this is the only option IG made available

Others that may be more confusing:

  • “Aw thank you” after you give them a compliment, not followed by a compliment back.. is a curve. 
  • You ask for their number and they give you a business card or LinkedIn account. Curve.
  • You DM them and they send you one word back. A polite curve. 
  • You hit a business contact about a date and they remind you why you have their number in the first place. A professional curve.
  • You approach a woman in a group and she puts you on her friend. A giving curve.
  • “Hey I’m in your city” and they respond with “That’s dope. Have fun”. An obvious curve.

In reality, we’ve all been curved. Don’t be that person that can’t take a curve and complains about being a “good guy”. Or ladies, don’t be the “he tried to talk to me” type when in reality you tried to talk to him and he curved you. Understand when you’ve been curved, take your L is silence and move on.