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Critical Areas to Install Non Slip Tread in a Building/Facility

The most prevalent cause of death for employees in a workplace environment is motor vehicle accidents. Second on the list is a workplace accident; specifically falls, trips and slips. Many of these accidents are easily avoidable with Jessup manufacturing non-slip tread.

What is Non-Slip Tape?

Also called traction tape, anti-slip tape or non-skid tape these are simple applications that make a world of difference in safety. These tapes simply reduce friction between the ground surface and shoe soles to dramatically reduce incidents of slipping. If you are an employer, building or facility manager or in a position to overlook safety, there are a few critical areas to install non-slip tread.

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A smooth stair surface and casual shoes is a perfect recipe for a fall. Non-slip tread on every stair makes a significant improvement in safety and dramatically reduces the chances of a fall. These tapes are easy to stick and only take a short amount of time. Stairs are particularly dangerous because of the potential distance a person could fall.

Building Entrance

Shoes my grip well on cobble stone or asphalt but very slippery on tile especially when wet. People waking in and out of a building when its raining or snowing outside wet the smooth floor and dramatically increase the chances of they or someone else slips. Grip tape on the entrance is a simple yet effective safety measure in such a situation.

Loading Docks

The interior of the building isn’t the only place where someone could potentially slip. Loading docks see a considerable amount of traffic thus increasing the possibility of an accident. Loading docks are also generally open to weather elements such as rain or snow combined with the presence of ramps and ledges make accidents more than likely. A grip surface is necessary in such an environment if you want to guarantee worker safety.


Ramps work against gravity so a smooth surface should be a cause for alarm. Anti-slip tape helps to increase traction and friction and guarantee reduce the chances of slipping.

Food Service Areas

Cafeterias, kitchens and good service areas are prone to slips, trips and falls. These areas typically see a lot of liquids and moisture on the floor so it is no wonder that minor injuries are common in these areas. Ani-slip tape is definitely necessary in these high-risk areas.

There are few places where a non-slip tread wouldn’t be a welcome safety feature. It’s the little things that you do which make a tremendous difference to your safety and the safety of those around you.