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Creative Capers – 5 Fun Activities to Entertain the Kids at Home During Winter

In a digital age with an electronic device for every task, it can sometimes seem impossible to drag the kids away from the screen. While there’s no denying that technology has been a saving grace in many situations, it can also mean your children are wasting their spare time. If you can manage it, lure them away from their TV and tablet and throw them head first into these fun activities.

Creativity in the Kitchen

There’s nothing like fun in the kitchen to show the kids that cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. If you can, purchase a child-friendly recipe book, or use that tablet one last time to find recipes you can all create together. In the kitchen, you can teach the kids about the joys of herbs, spices, cookware, and cooking techniques, while also allowing them to get creative with flavors. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not create a pizza from scratch or a batch of scones?

Musical Instrument Magic

Touch-of-a-button music has created a disinterest among the masses for learning musical instruments. Fewer children than ever before are discovering the violin, guitar, piano, and even the drums. Instead, they are picking up gaming consoles that can do it all for them, or are showing no interest at all. Regenerate the love for music in your household by buying a few instruments and giving them a go. While it might create a racket, you may find your children had musical talent all along.

Outdoor Adventure

Even though winter is a time for sitting around the fire with a book, there are going to be times when the kids start driving you mad, and you need to get them out of your hair. As soon as you see a break in the weather, give them their jackets and send them outdoors. If possible, arm them with endless possibilities for what they can do outside and let them reap the rewards. Create treehouses, build huts, and enable their imagination to run wild. The sky’s the limit for what your backyard can offer.

Crafty Fun

Your kids will only spend 180 days in school each year, not counting illness. With 185 days left, that’s a lot of days for you to come up with something to entertain them! Let crafts fill the gaps. There are endless things you can do to keep the kids busy (and quiet). Get involved with painting, paper mâché, gingerbread houses, mosaic, and macaroni picture frames. You can even use much of what you have lying around the house to make a work of art.

Get Sporty

Not every child will enjoy sports at school, and that’s okay. However, at home, sports can be fun for everyone – even kids who don’t like to participate in a classroom environment. During the weekends or breaks from school, you can create fun games for your kids to play when the weather breaks. The best part is, you can get involved as well. Whether it’s a competitive snowball throwing competition or hockey, it’s the time spent together that will mean the most.

Entertaining the kids at home during the winter months is not the most straightforward task. The weather is not usually the best, and stress levels are high as mom and dad try to juggle work responsibilities and their pre- and post-Christmas stress. If you’re in dire need of fun activities to keep the household running smoothly, try out these above. At least one will prove to keep the kids happy and out of trouble.