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Creating Extra Space at Home

In recent years, house prices have rocketed. When living accommodation becomes too small, many people are finding it harder and harder to afford the expense of moving to a larger property to meet their needs. On top of the expense of moving to a new house there is also the lengthy legal process that you would have to go through. It takes about two months for the legal change of ownership of a house. This is done by a conveyancer. Like anything some conveyancers are cheaper than others and if you’re determined to move to a new house then you will need to use one. If you are potentially interested in this option then you may want to consider getting in touch with a conveyancing solicitors Manchester company, such as course, there is also often the potential to build an extension or to convert an attic space, but both of these options can be prohibitively expensive and create vast amounts of upheaval.

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There are many reasons why extra space may be needed, from a children’s hideout to a workshop. Often an additional bedroom is needed, either for guests or to accommodate the needs of a growing family. One increasingly common reason is the requirement for a dedicated office space.

Working from Home

Due to advances in technology, it has become more and more possible in recent years for increasing numbers of people to work from home. In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics, around 14% of the entire workforce in the UK now work solely or partly from home. This represents a record new high.

Working from home, where practical, makes sense on so many levels. Cutting out the daily commute brings great environmental benefits and enormous financial savings on an individual level. Not having to deal with the hassle of commuting on crowded public transport also means an appreciable reduction in stress levels. This has been proven to lead to higher productivity amongst home workers, according to the Telegraph.

Suitable Accommodation for Home-Working

Home-working is now a much more viable concept for many, but it can raise its own issues. Many employers stipulate that staff must have a dedicated office space in their homes which is self-contained and free from distractions. So the corner of the dining room simply will not do. However, not everyone has a spare room.

Many satisfied customers have chosen to utilise shepherd huts, an individual and aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem. Shepherd huts were traditionally used in the 1800s to provide shepherds with a cosy haven, which meant that they could stay out on the fields for longer with their flocks. Prices are much more affordable than an extension, and customers can create a unique interior of their own by choosing from various furnishing and decorating options. The other fabulous advantage over having an extension built is that there is normally no need to seek planning permission, although of course you should always make sure to check with your local office to clarify.

The advantages of working from home are many, for both the environment and the individual worker. If you get your home office space right, you can look forward to enjoying beautiful, inspiring surroundings whilst you take on the job at hand.