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Converting database from Access to MySQL

Even if the process of converting MySQL is tedious, it is considered to be highly beneficial than Microsoft Access for the fact that, it has higher performance, multiple user access, cross platforming and a better security system. The process of setting up a complex or multi-user database system, moving data from Access to MySQL is however highly recommended. For a system with a single user, there is usually not too large data to handle, what MySQL offers is not much when considered to the MS Access database.

To move data from MS Access to MySQL, the following step is required:

  • Export and convert the MS Access table and constraint definitions to MySQL format then load to the target MySQL server
  • Export the source data to intermediate storage, make necessary conversions and load it into the destination database
  • Extract queries from Microsoft Access database as “CREATE VIEW” statements; convert them to the target format and then load to MySQL database.

There are systems through which any of the above steps can be automated. For example, MS Access data can be exported to MySQL database via Microsoft Access itself combined with Connector/ODBC driver developed by MySQL vendor.

To export MS Access Data:

  • Click on the table to be exported and select “Export” item from “File” menu
  • In the dialog box “Export Object Type” select “ODBC Database”
  • After a few more steps Microsoft Access data will be exported to MySQL

This process doesn’t require you to convert queries and any other specific constraints however, it is enough for the migration of a little database that does not have a lot of query. Otherwise, you will have to make use of the manual process to complete the phase that has to do with automation.

Dedicated software can be used for the process of converting MS Access to MySQL database which might call for automation of the entire process. One of these migration tools is the Access to MySQL created by Intelligent Converters. They are dedicated to providing high exceptional solution and latest tools for the migration of data, conversion and synchronization within popular databases including MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, FoxPro and IBM DB2.

The Access to MySQL converter tool is a user-friendly application that has the capability of handling complex and very large MS Access database migration up to 2000 records per second on the modern platform.  The results from this application also comes with high accuracy simply because the program takes care of the migration process which also covers area of handling Unicode and converting the indexes as well as the relationships between tables properly, while migrating all MS Access queries to MySQL views.

Furthermore, the Access to MySQL application can help you export data from MS Access to MySQL script when there is no direct connection to a destination MySQL server. This application has the capability of merging data into an existing MySQL server and also synchronize it into the target database with MS Access data. In conclusion, it supports command line which enables the automation, scheduling and scripting of MS Access to MySQL database conversion process.

You can as well visit the product page to learn more: -to-mysql.htm