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Consider Master Keying Your Locks

When it comes to the issue of home security, locks play a vital role in our lives in that they keep us safe inside our homes and offices and at the same time keep out undesirables that may do harm to us. As a result of this fact, the keys to these locks are very important items that most people would have in their personal belongings. However, in a building where there may be locks to many offices and rooms, keeping tabs on the different keys to all these locks can be a problem; this informs the importance of considering installing a master keyed lock.

It is a fact that more often than not, only a few persons or a select group of people have access to certain locks. That is to say, only people belonging to a certain office have the keys to that particular office. But what happens when those people lose the keys or forget the keys at home or something similar? This can cause a lot of hassle to the holder of the key and the people in the said office; things would be completely different if there was a master keyed lock in place.3

With a master keyed lock system, this is a scenario where each lock in a locking system can be opened with one key, the master key. However, each lock in this system will have its own individual key, and that key can open only that particular door. To better explain this, let’s say that there are 10 doors in this system. Each door will be keyed different meaning that the key for door one can only open door one and no other door; the same for the other nine doors. The master key will be able to open all 10 doors in this system.

Most master keyed lock box systems are used in commercial applications and can get very large. For example, there could be many systems in a grand master system. The grand master key will be able to open all locks. An example of this type would be in a five story commercial building where each floor will have its own system. The locks on each floor will be keyed different and the master key will be able to open all the locks on that particular floor and no other floor.

You can’t discuss a master keyed lock system without also talking about the lock itself. The maximum size of a particular system is dependent on the lock type and the number of pin chambers in the lock. Generally, the more pin chambers in a lock the larger the system can be. This is due mainly to the number of cuts on the key that can be assigned to any particular system.