Computer Science is the new Business Degree

If your bachelors degree (or any variant of higher educational certifications) isn’t centered around Computer Science, you need to make it centered. Period.

A fact. You’re living in the Age of Robotic Automation. The Dawn of this era began sometime in the 90s. And since our robotic counterparts inception into our day to day lives they have been building. Look around. The fruits of Robotics is all around you. You likely can not finish a single task in an average day without using some form of technology. So, why are you studying History for your BA?

For the sake of this conversation, let’s set “Passion” to the side. Ultimately, yes, you should make your personal passions your profession (if that’s your M.O). But, realistically we all work to obtain a degree with a single purpose in mind: MONEY.

In the early 2000’s, just before the largest economic recession of our generation, we saw Business degrees take off. You think millions of young inexperienced recent high school graduates were thinking “wow I’m super passionate about Accounting and I can’t wait to prepare financial statements for the next 40 years of my life”? Truly, that sentence was even too stupid to have been written just now. Millennials were going to college and grabbing business degrees because we understood that meant we could graduate and land a job that would at least push us into the middle income range. It’s called: Practicality.

So, then what’s the deal today? Why haven’t we entered that part of our lives where we understand Technology to be the equivalent of what we thought Business degrees were? I’m not talking about those very soft undertones of you understanding technology is taking over but, explicitly that it will be the end all be all soon.

A fact, People don’t know exactly what the Age of Robotics means. An Opinion, People are afraid of technology.

I’ll say this as many times as I need to until people catch up: It is not an option to understand Tech. It’s a must.

This biggest contributor to why Black Millennials are slow to the tech assimilation is very similar to why the Titanic couldn’t simply change directions and avoid the iceberg. A ton of effort, momentum and force has been dedicated to one direction and its just hard to change course. Take our word for it, Tech isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Learn some basics or change your major.