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Common Myths Related to Bed Bugs

The doctors say eight hours’ of sleep is a must for every human being. It is the time when your brain takes rest and your body recharges itself. If sleep is disturbed, it adversely affects your health and mood. Bed bugs are the unwanted guests that can ruin your good sleep. As long as they are your bed partner, you are less likely to enjoy sufficient amount of sleep.

You need to drive them out and also prevent them from returning to your house. It is also important to know about the common bug-related myths and learn the reality.

They Visit Your House Only In the Dark

They are nocturnal but that does not prevent them from visiting your house in the daytime. Even if you sleep with the lights on, they will still bite you. You exhale carbon-dioxide and they are attracted to this gas. Therefore, whether it is daytime or night, they will find you out.

Throw Away Bedding & Mattresses to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Even if you throw those things out in the dustbin, you will still be hunted and haunted by them. These tiny creatures can manage to hide into other places. Instead of throwing those expensive items, you should call in a Pointe Pest control professional. The person will help you with professional treatment for a permanent remedy.

They Infest Only Beds

You feel their presence at bed only when they bite you. But that never means beds are their only nests. They get into anywhere if they find food there. They hide behind the picture frames, along the cracks of furniture and go up to the ceiling. They can go wherever they can live secretly and peacefully. They also infest lounge chairs and sofas.

They Are Not Found In Five-Star Hotels

You can spot them anywhere. Rating of the hotel matters to you but not to them. They travel through the luggage and so easily reach wherever a person goes. They are also a common find in buses, trains, airports, restaurants and theatres.

They Infest Only the Dirty Houses

Finding the bed begs in front of the guests could be embarrassing for you as if they love filthy places for living and breeding. Contrary to this common belief, they infest every place if they get food there. No matter how much clean your house is, it will not prevent them from infesting.

They Cannot Be Seen With Naked Eyes

They stay awake only at night and that is why, they are rarely spotted during daytime. However, it never means they are invisible like termites. They are small but not microscopic creatures. Their size varies in accordance with their age. A dark brown spot of blood on your bed sheet is a clear indicator that they have taken refuge into your house.

They Carry Diseases

No doubt, they are unwanted but there is no proof that they carry germs of any disease. However, some people develop rash or itching after being bitten by the bed bugs.