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Combining Winstrol And Anavar: Things You Need To Know

Talk about anabolic steroids in the cutting cycle, and most bodybuilders will include Winstrol and Anavar in their lost. Both are extremely similar in terms of effect. If you have questions regarding the combination of Winstrol and Anavar, we have a few facts below for help.

The basics about Anavar

Most of the anabolic steroids are known for affecting the liver, but Anavar is best known for its mild effects. It remains one of the top choices of female bodybuilders, mainly because it doesn’t cause as many side effects as other compounds. On an average, most users take a dose of 20 to 80 mg pet day. If you are concerned about virilation side effects, you will be happy to know that Anavar is mildly androgenic, which limits these effects. It is ideally the best choice for bodybuilders who want to lose fat.

The basics about Winstrol

Winstrol, also known by its generic name Stanozolol, is also taken in the cutting cycle, often in form of tablets and injections. Winstrol Depot, which is the injectable version, is not oil soluble like other anabolic steroids. Just like other steroids, you might have a tough time finding a legal alternative to Winstrol, but if you get your hands on the right product, Winstrol can help you in gaining stronger looking muscles.

Stacking Winstrol and Anavar

It is not uncommon to combine Winstrol and Anavar in a cutting cycle. Expert bodybuilders also add Clenbuterol to the mix for better results. As compared to Anavar, Winstrol is more toxic to the liver. Before you start with a stack, do your research with regards to cycle and dosage. In most cases, users take around 50 mg of Winstrol every other day for four to six weeks. On the contrary, if you are on an Anavar-only cycle, you would need around 80 mg per day of the steroid.

As with any stack, you have to understand the pros, cons and risks in detail. Both Winstrol and Anavar are considered to be mild steroids, but these can impact your body in many ways. Make sure that you check everything in detail, and if required, talk to your trainer. If you have heart or liver issues or are susceptible to such problems, make sure that you check with a doctor before using steroids. Depending on where you stay, you can have legal consequences of using and buying steroids for personal needs.