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Choosing the ideal wood fence for your Austin property

A wooden fence not only enhances your patio’s privacy but also elevates the curb appeal of your property. Also, whether untreated, treated, or painted, wood fences are a versatile and cost-effective choice to spruce up your outdoor space or your ranch. If you’re looking for expert assistance, consider Fence Installation Keighley for professional and reliable services.

For Austin residents, here are some top tips for choosing the ideal fence for your property;

Determine your primary fencing requirements
Before selecting a wooden fence for your property, consider what you need the fence for. Are you looking to keep pets in the garden, keep wild animals out or you just need a simple divider for your property? Determining this will help you decide on the best style for your space.

Settle on the style
After settling on the fence’s functions, you can then settle on the ideal style. If you are looking to keep kids and pets secure, a tall fence with small gaps is perfect. For a perimeter barrier fence around your outdoor living space, a thigh-high fence will do the job. If you are looking to block a street view and provide a sound barrier between your yard and the street, a fence that allows some light flanked by soundproofing foliage is ideal.

Installing the fence
Fence installation calls for skill and precision to ensure that it is stable and durable. Contacting your wood fence contractor Austin, TX would be an ideal place to start.  At Barrier Fence, we offer ideal fencing services in Austin. Our 125 years of combined experience will come in handy for your project.

Mind the details
For the best aesthetics, pay attention to the fence’s details. Whether it’s a conventional white picket fence or a rustic fence for your ranch, the decorative possibilities are infinite. For starters, you can go for a railing across the top for ranch fences.  For lower fences, decorative post tops add some character to them even in small outdoor areas.  Finally, determine whether you need your fence stained, untreated or painted. Always remember that painted fences will need a new paint job every three years to maintain their elegance.  Stained fences will need to be re-stained every four years.

For years now, Barrier Fence has been committed to offering ideal fencing services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. As a top wood fence contractor Austin TX, we install wooden fences, ornamental iron fences, and chain link fences. Our qualified technicians are always on hand to carry out any fence repairs you may need.  Contact us today via 512.354.4409 and speak to one of our experts about an ideal fencing solution for you. Also, you can get a free estimate on our website.