Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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cheerson cx-10 &  Cheerson Multicopter

 It’s good news that Cheerson has released the latest model, cheerson cx-10’WD Wi-fi FPV Minuscule Cheerson Multicopter, another entry-level little quadcopter. We should remember its previous models, Cheerson CX-10’W, CX-10D, CX-10W, CX-10A, etc. So what’s difference between your latest model Cheerson CX-10WD and CX-10D or CX-10W?

A quadcopter which makes use of normal rechargeable 3.7 lithium power of 100mAh, the CX-10 Mini can quickly impress using its 4ch design including 2.4GHz capacity. By taking take great pride in in its 6-axis gyro, this light and portable model can ensure fun for both experts and starters. With ABS cheap construction and a variety of mesmerizing colour options, it impresses aesthetically, too.

Weighed against Cheerson CX10D,  Cheerson CX10WD has 0.3MP camera and altitude hold, but CX10D doesn’t support camera to take videos with 640X480 display resolution. It offers 50M control distance, assisting 30minutes to bill full, and 4minutes flying time, Cheerson CX-10’D only has 25meter control distance. Cheerson CX-10’WD is a little heavier with 17g than CX10D with 15g.  But Cheerson CX-10’WD has four colors such as Deep Grey/Rosy Red/Golden, CX10D just has one color, rainbow. Obviously, Cheerson CX-10’WD is a lot not the same as Cheerson CX-10’D and CX10W to look at.

According to the comparison, you may know the key disparity between Cheerson CX-10 WD and CX10D. We know they just have a few difference. Cheerson CX10WD will be the best form among them, it bolsters 0.3MP Wi-fi FPV framework, one touch taking off and one touch take-off, they have 3 speed strategy with LED Light to support picture and record system. The headless function helps it be play well and readily. Therefore, the price tag on Cheerson CX10WD is a little higher than other CX series until now. Reckon how much it will be

Top features on offer

They are the features that make this quad worthy of your attention:

  • Excellent flying stability owing to the occurrence of 6-axis gyroscope
  • Impressive manoeuvrability, and variable speed including 3 levels
  • A very durable 29g airframe design
  • 4 to 8 minutes of flying guarantee with a demand of 30 to 40 minutes
  • Handles effective up to 40 meters
  • Especially made for RC enthusiasts over 14 years of age, including adults


Why is this Cheerson Multicopter a really fun flight is its tiny body, which is amazingly durable. Its 3 level rate works wonders, which is another big plus. Also, what’s unique relating to this model is the fact, although primarily great for beginners, it also possesses a lot to make an impression seasoned hobbyists. Overall, we feel that it is highly worth your investment and appreciation.