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Minimalism – A style

Sometimes, less is just more. A minimal style allows you to pull off a look that focuses more on you, the person, rather than the brand itself. It’s the difference between being a walking billboard […]

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What Ruby Woo couldn’t do for Summer 2020

We all have that season each year where we are feeling ourselves. For FLOSSY that season is summer. Summer is a time for planting, growing and blossoming.

Blossom often refers to something about change. Let’s talk about changing lip color or adding into your routine mix. Attractive, moisturized lips is a feature most folks aspire to have. Accentuating and showcasing luscious lips is always the goal.

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Death Over Designer

“Some people take the words “Fresh to Death” way too serious”

Coming from where I’m from, not having the freshest sneakers every week wasn’t an option. Weekend after weekend, release after release, standing in lines and camping out overnight just became natural. But in 2011 on the release date of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord,” my perspective over my love for buying sneakers changed.