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6 Reasons Why Men are Confusing

The fascination for the Male Perspective is real here at shawnflossy.com. The male psyche never ceases to amaze as it is largely simple in nature yet presents so many complications. Here are 6 reasons why men are complicated AND simple at the same time:

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Do men prefer New versus Consistent?

Do men prefer New versus Consistent? Essentially this question is a question about Monogamy. Can a man be loyal to a single person? Or does he enjoy the entertainment of new women? What is their preference? And if their preference is New then is monogamy an attainable principle or merely a socially accepted construct? According […]

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Can I live?

“Some things are just too good to be true,” would be a great way to explain the rise and fall of black tv shows and sitcoms.  When it boils down to it, we as black people need to start paying attention more to contracts we sign when we do business. Yes, you’re paying me millions, […]

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