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Why You Should Start Your Vegan Beauty Journey

Isn’t vegan reserved for a diet?


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Who really owns Fenty Beauty?

It’s assumed that Rihanna owns Fenty Beauty. She’s the face of the product and it’s named after her but, is it possible that Rihanna doesn’t 100% own her make up line? We never even questioned this until now. Turns out Kendo owner, David Suliteanu, partnered with Rihanna to launch Fenty Beauty. For context, Kendo Brand […]

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Is Larry June part of Nerd Culture?

Romanticizing Nerd Culture It’s the archetype you never knew you would be attracted to; nerd culture is the wave. With the increase of anime references in hip hop, the female video-gamers-coming-out-of-the-closet movement and newly found sapiosexuals we watch the trend for interacting with a smarter more intellectually stimulating person take off. Is nerdiness romanticized or […]

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Social Media University: Get your Followers up

We’re out here in Atlanta, GA, attending the #BooksXBeats event for the annual Black Writers Weekend with the AAMBC (African Americans on the Move Book Club). So far it’s been so impactful, that we thought we’d share some insightful tips to help grow your brand that we’ve come across.

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