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How To Keep Your Beauty Brand Alive During 2020

Planning your survival in a time of crises is essential for sustaining both a healthy lifestyle and your personal business. How did Shayde Beauty continue to thrive with the challenge of solely being able to […]

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Will #BlackTwitter give Bow Wow his props if he drops a fire album?

I wonder sometimes why I refuse to call him Shad Moss. Maybe it’s my innate ability to over romanticize nostalgia or purely for the fact the first bow I ever acknowledged was wow. September 26th of the year 2000 would not only be the beginning fall of my first years of middle school but would be the release date of Beware of Dog and the soundtrack to my adolescence.

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Sexual Liberation vs Hoe

It becomes painfully more and more obvious everyday that people do not understand the definition of “hoe”. At one point this demeaning negative term at least held some value; today it is used as a catch all to describe, usually women, that have questionable sexual behaviors. Recall when Spike Lee’s: She’s Gotta Have It aired on Netflix last year and Twitter think pieces popped up everywhere. Women took to the social media channels to defend Nola Darling while men called her the popular three letter word. And to be fair, there we many occasions where men defended and women name called. Let’s clear this up: Nola Darling was a Sexually Liberated (and quite frankly, a life liberalist) woman.