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Three Things to do at Night better than Snacking

 As a fitness connoisseur and healthy life style enthusiast, one thing that we can all agree is hard to overcome is snacking! Especially snacking late at night that could cause additional unwanted fat gain and unhealthy habits. So here’s our top three tips for overcoming those late night eating urges

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People Who Lose Weight do These things Daily

If health advise and tips haven’t taken over your social media timelines at this point it’s safe to assume you live under a rock. With all these tips, what is the real tea? It’s simple really: Big changes can be made from small but smart habits.

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Common Misconception That Black People Don’t Hike

My alarm goes off and it’s 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday. For a split second I think “Why am I getting up so early on a Saturday,” but the thought goes away as I roll over to turn off my alarm. I’m doing the usual morning routine – brush teeth, wash face, do hair – […]

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