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Campus placements and Aptitude tests

Many colleges these days conduct campus placements in order to secure the best opportunities for their students. There are not many companies which offer jobs to fresher and people, who come straight-out-of-college but in case there is a tie up between the college and the company, this is also possible. After all, these people also need a place to start their careers. So to understand the concept of Campus placements, it can be said that it is one such platform where companies or hiring managers connect with students through their college campus and offer them suitable jobs in their companies. Usually it is the placement cell which is accountable to get companies to the college but sometimes, even the companies may reach out in case the college has a specialty in a particular domain.

What are the steps in Placement drive?

Generally, the placement drive covers the following steps or methodology:

  • Aptitude test or skill assessment – For the most part led on the college campus, either directly by the organization or through an assessment partner, this is a composed or written assessment – however more prone to be a computer based test, than a pen and paper test. These tests are generally the principal elimination round of the total procedure so it is essential to plan well and clear the first round serenely. Applicants confront standard questions, checking their aptitudes on three parameters – Communication aptitudes – in English, Logical Reasoning Ability and Quantitative capacity – get a handle on numbers and comprehension in fundamental math concepts. A particular domain oriented evaluation might possibly be available as the subsequent stage.  

What does this test gauge in a candidate?

  • Logical capacity
  • Knowledge of the domain
  • Quantitative bent
  • English competency
  • Appropriateness towards particular ranges of abilities

This is the primary reason why aptitude test is conducted as it helps in filtering out the suitable candidates.

  • Group discussion – Group Discussions are a moderately less demanding manner by which organizations can comprehend and filter through various possibilities to come down to a chosen few. United either formally or through a casual exchange organize the Group Discussion or GD checks students on certainty, unique introduction of thoughts, stream of thought and conduct in a gathering of other students as well.  

Group discussion round is important as it brings out the following in a candidate:

  • Stream of thought
  • Presentation abilities
  • Stress administration
  • Response to differentiating contemplations and suppositions

  • Panel Interview/Technical interview – Panel interviews are rather a more formal kind of round. These panel interviews or technical interviews basically assess how strong the basics of a candidate in terms of his domain are.
  • HR Interview – With the HR interview, you have almost cracked the job. The HR checks possibility for the candidate being an organizational fit or not. They check for readiness to move for work, any weakening conditions and conduct qualities to find out how great or awful the candidate would be with them. They check how enthusiastic the candidates are for working in their company and what all skills they have, how much more they are willing to learn and so on.