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Business Opportunities in China

Advancements in technology, especially in recent years, have a lot of impact in the world we live in today. One of the important fields affected by technology is in Medicine. A lot of medical procedures we know today are only possible because of the technology that is readily available for doctors and hospitals. In engineering and architecture, a lot of structures that were only a concept in the past are being built such as man-made islands and oddly shaped buildings.

Another important contribution technology has made is through business. Due to the different technology and software that is available, it has become easier than ever to keep track of business and at the same time conduct or start up a business.

Technology is helping businesses today in a lot of ways. A lot of software that was not present before are now able to help business owners keep track of their inventory, sales, and even the manufacturing process. When it comes to products, because of the differently advanced machinery we have today a lot of new products are made and at the same time, a lot of processes involved in manufacturing are constantly changing. Processes in manufacturing are either being optimized or changed so that it would do less harm to the environment or produce less waste.

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Another side of a business that technology has created and developed is business through the internet. Before what could be done on the internet is very limited due to the very slow speeds and its limited accessibility. Today almost everyone has access to their internet and in different forms and gadgets unlike before where it is only possible through the computer.

One of the countries that have a lot of opportunities when it comes to business on the internet is China. Since a lot of well-known companies such Facebook, Twitter, and Google are not available in China companies now have the opportunity to make such features available to their country which a lot of them have already done. Conducting business through the internet has a lot of potential in China due to some web sites or applications not being available. Advertising and social media are also able to offer a lot of opportunities when it comes to business in China.

Videos posted in these social media are viewed by a lot of people in the Chinese community. In fact, one of the videos that can be seen is about the issues regarding the Rape of Nanking with the Japanese. This way people are also made aware of current events and at the same time promote different advertisement through the internet.

A lot of people may be used to conducting business the same way as before where in you think of a product and you sell it. However today the product may not always be physical which is what is happening on the internet. Services online are also being offered and shopping online is already gaining popularity through websites such as Alibaba which is only continuing to expand even outside of China. Considering the population and the size of China it may even be better to tap the internet as a medium for business instead of selling products in typical stores.

This way, products are not only seen by people within the country but also by people outside the country. This is one of the reasons why Alibaba became so popular. Cheap products from China are readily available and these products are being bought by companies from foreign countries in order to be resold. There are a lot of business opportunities in China especially with its relations with other countries it is all about finding the right opportunity and making the most out of it.