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Budget Friendly Floors

Giving a house a make over can be quite daunting, especially when you’re trying to work to tight budget. If there is one big change you should make to get the biggest difference it would be your floor. You might hear that and think; how on earth would that suit a budget. There are actually many flooring options that give you stunning transformations that won’t leave you feeling out of pocket at the end of it.

Engineered wood flooring


Engineered wood floors are the slightly more expensive option when it comes to new floors, but for good reason. Engineered wood floors imitate the look of a solid wood floors perfectly giving you that same stunning look for less. Engineered wood is man made, its layers are synthetic and this means that the floor has more stability than its hardwood counterpart. You might be wondering how come it looks so similar to real wood, this is because the top layer is real wood. This is the slightly more luxurious option, so if you’re looking at cutting costs back even further then the next two options will be of more interest.

Laminate flooring


A great alternative to an engineered floor would be a laminate. Laminate flooring also imitates the looks of real wood, but this one is 100% synthetic. Laminate flooring is not only resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations, it is also fairly scratch resistant and waterproof. For these reasons, laminate flooring is highly recommended in family homes. Laminate floors lend themselves well to theses busier, more active homes. Spills and knocks won’t have an impact on this floor, giving you total peace of mind.

As discussed, this floor is incredibly practical. But don’t be fooled, it is equally as beautiful. If you choose to go ahead with a laminate you will be amazed at the wide range of cheap laminate flooring on offer. As a wood is found in many different species, so too are laminates. Laminates you can buy include woods such as oak or walnut and you can choose among different colours and shades depending on the effect you are looking to give to the room. While these are image layers, they serve well as a realistic substitute to the real thing.

Vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring is the cheapest floor you can find in the market. It is made of plastic materials which makes it totally waterproof and is even scratch resistant too. It is thanks to these features that vinyls are very versatile floors. Another great advantage to these floors is that they have very low maintenance requirements. A simply sweep and and mop is enough to keep this floor looking as good as the day you bought it. As the most budget friendly option, this floor is available in many different styles, including tile effects!

With many of us looking to cut costs where we can, these floors are sure to completely redesign your home with a great long-term return on investment.