Brunch – The New Staple of Black Bougie Excellence

Brunch has always been a thing. There’s nothing to not like about a savory and sweet mix of breakfast and lunch like the classic Chicken and Waffles combo. Show me a person that doesn’t enjoy a good Mimosa and I’ll show you an extraterrestrial. But, what is this new-found obsession with brunching amongst the New Bougie?

Aside from all the obvious reasons to brunch, this mid day meal is starting to rebrand itself as an experience. It’s more than just food; it’s the thing to do to build a casual network. Brunch is what you do to bring together the essence of your friendships and your prowess of starting business ventures. I mean is it really a business deal if it wasn’t decided whilst Mimosa drunk?

Sweet Auburn Seafood (Atlanta, GA)
Sweet Auburn Seafood (Atlanta, GA)

So here’s my hot take, Brunch is the staple of Black Bourgeoisie because it is, what I like to call, a Gentrification of Experience.

Gentrification is the process of purchasing and establishment in a lower cost cultural area and flipping the property to evoke high-class and elegance allowing the property to generate larger profit returns. In residential areas, gentrification pushes natives, to said cultural area, out as the cost of living surpasses the natives financial bandwidth. (Side note: Black Twitter likes to miss-use the word: gentrification. I don’t know, I think it’s supposed to be trendy or whatever.)

Prior to major redevelopment of well-known all black neighborhoods, brunch existed in your everyday Mom-and-Pop restaurants. The chicken and the waffle have been friends for a long time.

Home of the Chicken and Waffles - Oakland, CA
Home of the Chicken and Waffles (Oakland, CA)

It wasn’t until brunch was rebranded as a sophisticated type of meal coupled with fresh fruits, nice ambiance and bubbly champagne that it would even be associated with class. Now you can find the best brunch spots seated amongst the finest new city developments. Why? Because it’s less about the food and more about the experience. Creating a sense of class around anything that is perceived to be something that everyone cannot afford or do not have the luxury to do often is the American way. You know, standard Classism 101.

Brunch is the new staple of Black Bougie Excellence because it is an experience that is perceived to be classy.

Does this mean I’ll be brunching less in the future? And miss out on Salmon Benedict and white peach mimosa? Not happening. I’m good love. Enjoy.