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Bridge Building: Radiation Protection Tips

Some cell phone industry scientists are sounding the alarm. They predict the numbers of new cases of brain and eye cancer will increase in the coming years.  Studies from the National Cancer Institute have connected cell phone radiation to health concerns. Testimonial symptoms from test patients have reported pain, worries, hypertension, cancer, dementia, and forgetfulness.

The development of these conditions takes years; therefore, any link will not be known until more evidence is discovered.  As with any disease, it is the effects build up, so sound advice is to take precautions now. Some of us use daily sun block to prevent the sun’s harmful rays in hopes of preventing skin cancer. The same logic can be applied to limiting the amount of radiation we are exposed to by cell phones.

Electrical Activity

Cell phone radiation protection information and solutions have the attention of industry leaders.  Natural electrical activity in the brain is temporarily altered with extended cell phone use. This can last up to one hour afterward.  What this means in adults is unclear to scientists. As to children, scientists recommend limited cell phone use. Radiation can go more deeply into a child’s brain as their skulls are still developing.

Electrical activity is strengthened when using a regular wired headset. They pick up and draw additional electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the atmosphere. Our human bodies are very good at conducting electricity. By doing so, we absorb radiation. Keeping a respectable space between our bodies and the cell phone goes a long way to reducing risks.

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Bridging Tips

Cell phone use is essential in today world. All digital devices have a radiation imprint. We need to find methods to wisely build a bridge between ourselves and the device. In order to limit your cell phone radiation exposure, consider the following tips:

  • Keep cell phone calls short and only take calls that are absolutely necessary
  • Small children should only use cell phones in cases of emergency.
  • The cell phone industry has many products available minimize exposure. Look into a cell phone radiation protection cases and cell phone headsets.
  • Avoid placing a cell phone on your body close to organs.
  • Wait for the call to connect before placing it next to your ear.
  • Metal elevators and vehicles increase the amount of power and then reflect it back to the user. Therefore, do not use in this environment.
  • If the signal bar is one or less to not make the call. The phone will be using more energy to do so.
  • Check out the manufacturers who make cell phones with low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The lower number indicates the cell phone radiation emission is less. So, less is potentially available to be absorbed by the tissue.


Our modern civilization will continue to see widespread use and economic significance of wireless communication. Cell phone radiation and digital radiation, in general, may pose a risk to health. If experts are correct taking simple, easy, and cost-effective measures today will keep us healthy tomorrow.