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Boosting your social capital – Buy followers and prosper

Social capital is incredibly important today. Credibility and trust are built through followers, likes, and shares. For fledgling brands and influencers, organically building a large following on social media platforms like Instagram an uphill battle. When leveraged strategically, buying Instagram followers an effective tactic for boosting your social capital and kickstarting your growth. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about purchasing followers. Let’s establish some dangers of buying followers the wrong way. Low-quality, bot followers will not engage with your content. Inauthentic followers can also be deleted by Instagram’s algorithm.  Buying fake followers often backfires, hurting your reputation rather than helping. But buying real, targeted followers from reputable providers positively augment your social capital when executed properly.

Tips for buying quality followers

Not all bought followers are created equal. Here are some tips for vetting sources and purchasing quality followers:

  • Scrutinize providers – Only use trusted, established companies with a reputation for delivering active followers.
  • Research reviews – Check third-party review sites to evaluate providers before buying. Avoid vendors with negative feedback.
  • Grow slowly – Add followers gradually over time, not thousands at once overnight.
  • Check profiles – Ensure followers have detailed profiles, posts, and followers of their own, signaling they are real people.
  • Analyze engagement – Look for followers with higher-than-average engagement rates, a sign of authenticity.
  • Geographic targeting – buy real instagram followerslocated in your city or target customer locations when possible.

Characteristics of quality followers

While bought followers help inflate your numbers, the quality of followers matters more than quantity. When vetting potential followers to purchase, look for these signals of authenticity:

  • Detailed profiles – Profiles should have a bio, profile photo, multiple posts, likes, and followers of their own.
  • Sincere interests – Their profile and posts should indicate interests genuinely aligned with your brand, signaling higher engagement potential.
  • Recent activity – Assess whether they are actively posting and engaging with content from real accounts within the last few weeks.
  • Audience overlap – Followers who also follow complementary brands and influencers in your industry are more likely to reciprocate.
  • Demographic alignment – Purchase followers matching the gender, age, income, interests, and other traits of your target audience.

Monitoring buying followers 

  • Follower retention – Check your total follower count over time versus unfollow rate. Are bought followers sticking around or dropping off?
  • Engagement rate – Watch for positive trends in likes, comments, clicks, and saves per post.
  • Website traffic – Followers should drive increased referral traffic to your site over time. Monitor traffic sources.
  • Mentions and tags – More followers should mention and tag your brand organically if genuinely interested.
  • Sales impact – For ecommerce brands, monitor whether bought followers lead to sales. Track Instagram-referred purchases.

Proactively tracking these metrics will help gauge the quality of purchased followers. Poor quality followers deliver underwhelming results across these KPIs. With compelling engagement incentives and relationship-building, purchased followers become evangelists for your brand, expanding your community beyond just the initial paid number.