#BlackFriday: A dying Holiday

You’re wasting your time shopping during black Friday. For over a decade Black Friday has held the title of Best Bargain Day for retail shoppers during holiday season. And though at one point this title was befitting, Black Friday has evolved into a gimmick that allows resellers to get rid of their soon to be out of season merchandise at profitable prices and mass consumption.

Many Black Friday deals simply aren’t worth it.
While there are some opportunities to save money on Black Friday, you can often find some of the most popular Black Friday items at lower prices at other times during the year.

Those Doorbusters that people love so much are overrated.
Ever walked into a store a few minutes after it opened and all the door busters are gone? Right, that’s because people, more dedicated than you, are camping out in-front of stores just to save a few bucks. Either sacrifice your time and spend the night on a sidewalk or miss out on overrated Doorbusters.

Retailers sell the same things every year.
Same stuff you saw or purchased last year will be the exact same stuff on sale this year. Those are the facts.

It’s no longer the biggest shopping day of the year.
Black Friday use to only be a Friday thing but now you can get the same deals throughout the entire Thanksgiving week. Which exposes resellers strategy of simply trying to get all of their old merch out the door.

You can get deals shopping from home.
Literally, the great part about Holiday season is that it’s an entire season and not a day. There will be deals all the way through the New Year. Do yourself a favor and shop online or wait until the stores are less crowded.

There are many benefits to shopping online including avoiding crowds and unnecessary madness.

Despite the many pitfalls related to Black Friday shopping there will still be millions of shoppers out on this popular unconventional holiday. Just be safe and don’t get played.