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Which Is Better For Everyday Cooking? Slow cooker vs. Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker asserts speed much like a high power microwave, the Slow cooker insists “low and slow” but prepared by dinner time is the better way.

Here’s my point-by-point contrast of both, after making the same dish made from either a Slow cooker and at a pressure cooker…

Begin, cooker slows

Cooking Beef In A Pressure Cooker

I craved some corned beef and cabbage, so I headed to a head of cabbage and the store for a beef brisket. Then I discovered my pressure cooker and stumbled around in the cupboard.

After two hours of carefully tracking the steam wobble valve and adjusting the heat accordingly, my corned beef was completed.

When the steam had subsided, I opened the pressure cooker then fired up the steam to get a short go to complete the meal. It was delicious.

Cooking Beef In A Slow cooker

It’s been a couple of weeks, and after another grocery shopping excursion, I have another corned beef brisket from the refrigerator. This time I will use a Slow cooker.

The beef brisket was eliminated by me and put it in the slow cooker. Together with the Slow cooker on top, it was before it came up to a simmer. At that stage, I cut the power and left it cooking for another 6 hours. It was not long until I noticed several differences in how the meat progressed as compared to the pressure cooker.

Slow cooker vs. Pressure Cooker Results


From the Slow cooker, the meat took on a color. The meat was cooking under water. Even though the meat was under water the red tint of it was kept by it throughout the procedure.

And when they were both done, the beef which was cooked in the Pressure cooker appeared more like I would have anticipated a beef brisket to look.


After 2 hours in the pressure cooker, Although the pressure cooker recipe Instructions said 1-1/2 hours is the cooking time, a knife was required by the meat and some of it took a good amount of chewing to consume.

Using a pressure cooker, bleed off steam, and you have to cool You are able also to open the lid to check on the tenderness of the meat. That’s not so convenient.

Having a crockpot, tenderness can be checked by you. This Lets you keep the meat at a temperature that is complete until it flakes with a fork.


To the charge of the pressure cooker, I think the taste of The beef brisket was pronounced. In addition to the reheat to cook the vegetables was fast, and the cabbage was tender and fine time.

There was a layer of grease in the crock pot After the meat was done. Once I removed the brisket and inserted the vegetables, I finally moved the liquid and vegetables to complete on the stove. Attempting to do it took way too much time. It smelled so good I wanted to do was sit down and eat!

In the long run, pressure cookers and Slow cooker each have their bad and good points. After all, I believe I preferred the results somewhat better with the pressure cooker, however, the crock pot was a heck of a lot less problem as it can be left unattended. For More Details check here