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Best Prevention Tips For Pests In Your Home

When you see the first pest in your home, it’s too late. You will be wishing that you took the necessary precautions earlier to keep that pest away from your home. Today we are going to help guide you through some of the best prevention tips to keep pests out of your home. Let’s dive in below.

Check Your Exterior Seasonally

You should be checking the exterior of your home for any inlets that rodents could use. This includes cracks in the foundation, holes in the roof, or anything else that is open for a pest to sneak through. You should be doing this seasonally, at the start of winter and spring. It’s very common for rodents and other pests to seek shelter during the cold winter months.

Keep Debris Away From Your Home

Rodents like to stow away in woodpiles and other debris that can be stacked around your home. Be sure to keep these things away from your foundation. Firewood should be stored in a shed if possible. Rake up your leaves before they start to overtake your yard. These simple precautions can save you from housing some unwanted friends.

Trim Your Limbs

It’s very common for animals like raccoons and squirrels to climb into the attic of your home. They get in through limbs and branches that hang over your roof. When these rodents get into your attic, you will know about it with their loud noises. If you are dealing with a rodent problem, it’s best to call Glenview pest control to handle the problem.

Caulk Your Windows

Little pests, such as ants, have no problem squeezing through those cracks in your windows during the summer months. Be sure all your windows and doors are properly sealed. It’s best to use some sort of caulking to ensure an air-tight seal. As an added benefit, this will make your home more energy efficient.

Secure Your Outdoor Containers

Garbage is one of the biggest attractions to animals. For them, it’s like a free buffet. You should be securing your garbage cans and recycling bins so that animals are unable to get in them. It’s no fun having to clean up the mess they can leave scattered all over your lawn. Using a shed or other enclosed structure is your best bet against unwanted pests.

Use Screens 

Your windows should have a screen in them to keep out those unwanted pests and outside allergens, like pollen. You should include screened doors as well to keep the bugs outside. The best is 20 mesh or finer screens as this will keep out the most common of the household pets while still allowing for much needed natural ventilation for your home.

Discovering pests in your home is not something anyone ever dreams of doing. However, this can be a reality for some who do not properly take precautions to avoid pest infestation. We encourage you to put the tips above to use in your home.