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Bergen County Traffic Tickets: Know the Basics

Nobody is perfect. Your may find yourself in trouble with state traffic police. From over speeding to breaking basic traffic rules (such as not using your turn signal) speeding violation to forgetting to use your turn signal, even the most routine traffic stop can add up quickly. Therefore, hiring a competent traffic ticket attorney can make a big difference—especially when it comes to reduced fines, restoring your driving rights, and evading paying more to your insurance company.

However, is challenging your traffic ticket in a court of law advantageous? Well, let’s take a look at the vital factors.

Traffic Lawyer Goal

A traffic ticket attorney has the experience and education to identify flaws concerning your case, which can go a long way in lessening your penalties. He/she has handled different traffic court cases ranging from traffic light violations and DUI.

Regardless of your case, a seasoned traffic lawyer will diligently work to lessen your traffic ticket penalties, re-negotiate possible alternative penalties, or dismiss the traffic ticket altogether.

Reducing Ticket Penalties

Generally, an experienced attorney understands the local laws and the judge presiding over your case. Thus, getting one on your side is beneficial and can persuade the judge to reduce or dismiss your fines.

Obviously, a reduction and elimination of court fines should make your bank account cheerful. However, you should understand that reducing or removing your driver’s license points is advantageous for it helps you avoid different situations, including increased insurance rates and license suspension.

Typically, even if your lawyer manages to get your license points dismissed, all your traffic violation records will still be in your driving history.

Negotiating Alternative Discipline

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Attending a traffic school is one of the commonest alternatives to a standard ticket penalty. A traffic school can help you:

  1. Get your traffic ticket dismissed
  2. Prevent license points from accumulating
  3. Decrease your auto insurance rates.

Therefore, when a jury offers traffic school in lieu of serious penalties as a way of lessening the penalty, think about taking the opportunity.

Ticket dismissal

Since a traffic ticket lawyer is familiar with the local traffic laws, he/she can get your ticket dismissed if:

  1. The officer who issued the ticket fails to appear in court
  2. You agree to take a plea to a less serious violation
  3. You agree to comply during the probation period (unsupervised)

Remember, you may be required to pay some fees by the court even if your ticket has been dismissed.

Hiring a traffic attorney: Tips

Besides cost, you should consider the following factors before hiring a traffic lawyer:

Location: Choose a lawyer who is based in your state for he/she understands local traffic laws and less costly.

Experience: You should also consider the experience of the attorney in question. An experienced attorney is likely to spot flaws in the law and grant you freedom than a fresh graduate.

Success rate: The success rate of your attorney is also vital as far as getting your traffic ticket dismissed is concerned.

Bergen County Traffic Tickets Lawyers

Schreyer law firm offers legal case study counsel, including traffic ticketing services in Bergen County. The firm has contracted knowledgeable and experienced Bergen County Traffic Tickets Lawyers who can handle all moving violations, accidents, DWI, and much more. Therefore, no matter what your situation is, they can help you out.