Being Mary Jane and 50 Cent?

Huh? What’s the connection? In a recent interview, Gabrielle Union answers a question regarding the cancellation of Being Mary Jane, a BET show. Clearly frustrated, Gabrielle directs her frustration towards 50 Cent stating “…please send all your correspondence to 50, who has taken sole responsibility for the loss of jobs an your show.”

But still, what’s the connection? Turns out the removal of BMJ may have something to do with 50’s new BET show 50 central. This is what 50 had to say:



In essence there could be no real binding correlation here, except for the fact that Gabrielle and 50 may not be the best of friends. Gabrielle has had some legal battles with BET as they attempted to fraudulently extend terms within her contract. Yet, there still seems to be no data based rationale as to why Being Mary Jane is cancelled. Usually, a network will try to pull ‘the ratings weren’t where we expected’ card but all crickets coming from BET.

All in all, nothing much to see here except the usual 50 Cent pettiness. But, while you’re here, we’re curious to know: BMJ or Power?