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Beat the Heat with Shorts and Long Skirts

Summer with all its fury has come and we are desperately looking for ways to beat the heat.  From cocktails to air coolers, we are all prepared. But there is one other thing that we need to pay attention to- our clothing. Perhaps, women’s shorts and long skirts could be your saviors this summer.

From Taboo to Must-haves: Shorts are Sure Bets

There was a time when women were banned from wearing shorts. In the year 1938, the city of Honesdale was cracking down on short pants. According to TheNew York Times,in the year 1944, a city council of Monahan’s, Texas forbade women appearing in public wearing shorts. Gone are the days of bans and women sporting shorts are a common sight today.

Women’s shorts are a must-have in the sweltering summer. From floral to plain, from denim to cotton, there are many designs and materials to choose from. If you are stepping out on a summer day, pull out your floral or denim shortsand pair them with a blouse or a pastel color T-shirt. Wear flats or boat shoes to complete the look. It is better to keep your accessories simple so that you won’t feel irritated amidst the heat and sweat.

Long Skirts Are Summer Friendly

History has it that skirts have been a favorite with both men and women. Even now in Ireland and Bhutan men wear skirts. However, in the Indian context it is women who wear skirts and here are a few tips that will help women slay the summer in style in long skirts.

From the A-line skirt to wrap arounds, there are many styles and designs to choose from. When you pick up a long skirt, be sure to look for a material that is summer friendly. The straight types are ideal for both casual and workwear. While helping you beat the heat, they also make you look elegant and polished both at parties and office.Skirts with slits and shorts also bring out your stylish avatar revealing your gorgeous legs. Who doesn’t liketo make a fashion statement while beating the heat?

If you do not want to step out and shop, buy shorts and skirts online from the comfort of your home. Nothing is an excuse for you to not wear shorts or skirts this summer. Let’s be summer ready.