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Bangalore- Nature’s favourite child

Situated at the height of 3000 feet above sea level, Bangalore is a tourist’s delight all-around the year, with its wholesome climate adding to its attraction. Its lush green environment is further enhanced by the natural surroundings and well-laid out parks and gardens which give a refreshing feel to it. Tourists visit Bangalore to explore the nearby natural marvels and revel in the wonderful weather it offers to its residents. Car hire is a highly recommended option while planning one’s travel itinerary, so one does not have to depend on local transport choices like buses and autos. Self-drive makes great sense if one loves to drive as it allows a lot of freedom and zero restrictions.

What does Bangalore offer?

Nandi Hills or Nandidurg is a hill fortress that is only 60 km’s away from Bangalore and carries a lot of cultural and historical significance. With an elevation of 4850 feet, Nandi Hills offers a magnificent view of the surroundings and is a popular haunt for trekkers and tourists alike. One can book a vehicle of choice from Zoomcar, a new-age car rental in Bangalore and park it near the beautiful garden at the base of Nandi Hills. Visitors shouldn’t miss Tipu’s Drop, a point where prisoners were thrown to their death and Horse way, a secret passage or escape route for Tipu Sultan and his soldiers.

With a self-driven vehicle at one’s disposal, one can spend as much time at this splendid landmark near Bangalore without worrying about return transportation back to the city. The Bangalore International Airport is also in close vicinity so one can even drop the hired vehicle at a designated place while on the way and take a flight to the next destination.

How does Zoomcar make a difference?

As a leading car rental that offers a huge range of posh and luxurious self-drive vehicles, Zoomcar has revolutionised the way holidays are being planned. It does not matter if one does not possess a car back home. One can choose from a fleet of professionally-maintained cars like hatchbacks, SUVs and sedans, all fitted with GPS, air-conditioning and a tank full of fuel, filled for your convenience.

One is assured of complete transparency on prices, which are all inclusive so there are no last minute surprises. Zoomcar understands that individual needs will vary and its flexible plans allow a lot of personalisation. Backed by a 24 x 7 roadside assistance, every trip you undertake is completely hassle-free and convenient all the way.