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Avlite Systems’ Airfield and Airport Lighting Facilities

Who are we?

Avlite Systems supplies eco-friendly, pollution-free, and energy efficient airfield and airport lighting system facility. A revered supplier of aviation solutions for more than 20 years, Avlite provides a comprehensive safety-package to enhance aviation worldwide.

Our reliable and robust airfield lighting and airport lighting use the latest LED technology. They are crafted into low-powered, high-intensity mechanisms to provide a superior optical comfort. Being the most sought-after lights in the worldwide market, Avlite also has solar-power options for cost-effective measures and easy installation.

Our extensive experience, expertise, and service are crafted with the latest standards coded by Civil Aviation Code – International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in conjunction with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

What we offer?

We offer a complete airfield lighting system that includes threshold or runaway and approach lighting – used to enhance visibility in poor lighting conditions; taxiway and barricade lighting – a wireless portable system used at airstrip or during emergency and to demarcate boundaries; airfield markers – a durable and color stabilized polythene markers to enable proper landing and takeoff; windsock and wind cone – a low maintenance, lightweight device, used to tell wind speeds; hazard or caution lights – used as emergency airfield lighting system during emergency landings.   

Avlite also provides portable, autonomous lights for airport lighting used by both defense and civil airfields. We also excel in our Avlite Systems’ Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (Solar PALS) – an emergency deployable system.

Why choose Avlite Systems?

A trusted aviation brand for fixed and portable lighting, we only serve what is best in the world. Our proven reputation has its name for catering civil, governmental, defense and emergency services in the roughest environment. We have our operations through the Middle East, US Army, US Navy and US Marine bases, and through international airports in Africa, South America, Caribbean, and Europe. Contact us for the best and trustworthy support.