Author: Shawn Flossy

Shawn Flossy is a self-published author who founded PURP Publications, at the age of 25. Before venturing into her own novel, Shawn was an avid blogger on her NightLife Chronicles blog. A former radio host, out of Fort Worth, Texas, for over a year. Currently, she spends her time as Editor-in-Chief of Trending On Black Twitter, a popular blog platform that opens up everyday topics within Social Media. With more business ventures on the horizon, you can always find Shawn looking for next big project.
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Minimalism – A style

Sometimes, less is just more. A minimal style allows you to pull off a look that focuses more on you, the person, rather than the brand itself. It’s the difference between being a walking billboard […]

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Real cost of a perfect body

18 Million people underwent cosmetic surgery in 2018 in the United States

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Years ago, when complete fabricated bodies were becoming popular (way back when Nicki Minaj ass looked like two throw pillows balled up) there was a small subset of people who resisted this change. They took the position that an all fake body garnered through cosmetic surgery and silicone injections would only lead to negative outcomes.

In 2018, those assumptions begin to be proven as facts. A select few celebrities, who are brave enough, are sharing their challenges with unnatural bodies.

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Workout Essentials

Open the favorites tab on your social media app right now. Nine-times-out-of-nine, there’s a workout video loop starring an “influencer” covering a way too complicated workout series. And though these videos are appealing to watch, […]