Author: Ari Smith

An introverted individual with an extroverted personality. Ari can be found making any illogical situation make sense. As a prestigious HBCU graduate for the Real HU (Hampton) she pushes her communications degree to the max. Understanding markets, user groups and proper forms of communications are things she does in her sleep. As an aspiring Film Producer, Ari continues to walk through as many doors as she can find.
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How To Keep Your Beauty Brand Alive During 2020

Planning your survival in a time of crises is essential for sustaining both a healthy lifestyle and your personal business. How did Shayde Beauty continue to thrive with the challenge of solely being able to […]

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What Ruby Woo couldn’t do for Summer 2020

We all have that season each year where we are feeling ourselves. For FLOSSY that season is summer. Summer is a time for planting, growing and blossoming.

Blossom often refers to something about change. Let’s talk about changing lip color or adding into your routine mix. Attractive, moisturized lips is a feature most folks aspire to have. Accentuating and showcasing luscious lips is always the goal.

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Common Misconception That Black People Don’t Hike

My alarm goes off and it’s 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday. For a split second I think “Why am I getting up so early on a Saturday,” but the thought goes away as I roll over to turn off my alarm. I’m doing the usual morning routine – brush teeth, wash face, do hair – as I prepare my mind for this five mile hike. Yes, I’m a hiker, a black hiker.