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Anadrol Usage and Side Effects

Anabolic steroids are generally taken orally and the results are like increasing endurance, strength, and vitality and muscle gains. The majority of the body builders are taking androgenic steroids because of several reasons and the results are also amazing.  According to the experts taking anabolic steroids are much safer idea then the chemical steroids and the ones which are illegal. Anadrol is one anabolic steroid that can help people in gaining strength and muscle size. Before taking Anadrol it is important to know what strength and frequency is going to suit your needs.  It is also important to keep in mind that Anadrol is a powerful anabolic steroid and there are some potential risks associated with its use.

What is Anadrol?

 It is a synthetic annbolic steroid that is created synthetically in the labs. It mimics the male hormones effects like testosterone. The results depend upon the personal age and how they are using this steroid.  In the early times this steroid was used to cure anemia because it can increase the red blood cells production and this process is called erythropoietin. RBCs are required for protein synthesis resulting in the growth of the muscles. This s essential as the more RBCs one will have the greater will be the transportation of the nutrients and oxygen in all the parts of the body.

But if RBCs are produced in huge amount this can lead to a condition known as polycythemia.  If there will huge cells floating in the vessels then it will lead to conditions like

  • Blockage of oxygen
  • Promoting clogs
  • Slowing down blood circulation
  • Risk of stroke and heart disease

When Anadrol is taken orally it can improve nitrogen retention. Oxygen and nitrogen will be balanced and this will give optimal muscle growth and health.

Recommended dosage of Anadrol

 The commonly available dosage is 50mg pill, but in milligrams it is also possible to get it. This will depend upon the manufactures. The dosage recommendation is different for men and women.  Medically it is recommended to take 1-5 mg per kilo of body weight. This is the dosage that is recommended by the doctors to treat anemia and the dosage is adjusted according to the condition and age of the suffering individual. If you are taking Anadrol for medical purpose, then it is important to consult your doctors first.

Body builders take higher dosage of Anadrol to increase strength and muscle size.  Body builders take 25 mg per day to get its efficacy when it comes to build muscles. Non prescription Anadrol pills are also available in the 50 mg strength. Body builders take its dosages according to their needs. Some prefer taking full dosage and others prefer taking half. Most also avoid taking Anadrol because of its known side effects. It can boost estrogen which is undesirable in men. It can also cause liver toxicity. Taking Anadrol is a huge dosage can be highly dangerous.  One of the major side effects is blocked blood flow which is a serious condition.