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Achievements and contributions of Peter Loftin in North Carolina

A person with brilliant business skill is easy to find but a person with a good heart is a rare sight. Peter Loftin is an exception in the world having both the features. His life is an interesting and inspiring journey to learn from. This self-made man has left his mark in the Telecommunication industry and his success story is known to the entire nation.

Career: In the year 1983, Peter Loftin founded his company Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) when he was only 25 Years old. The North Carolina based company gradually started its operation and became one of the notable companies in Telecommunication industry.

Loftin with his brilliant business sense was the pioneer in launching flat rate pricing for long distance. Evidently, this strategy helped BTI climb the success ladder at a rapid speed.

Loftin served as the chairman of the board and expanded his company and its employee strength and the number of clients were also growing hand in hand that gave him constant support. Later it merged with Deltacom and continued its operation on a large scale.

Awards & recognition:

Peter Loftin is among the very few entrepreneurs who tasted growth at a very young age. It is only because of his dedication and diligence that helped him grow, sustain in competitive market and made him a global leader in the world of Telecommunication.

His first success came in the year of 1999 when an independent research group awarded him as the seventh best competitive local exchange carriers. This time company’s annual revenue was around $400million.

Another notable award that Loftin has in its shelf is the prestigious ‘North Carolina Entrepreneur of the year’ award which was presented by the business North Carolina Magazine.

Additionally, the combined achievement of BTI and Peter Loftin is the ‘Corporate Citizen of the year’ title which was given by the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association (NCEIT).

Charity and Loftin:

Loftin’s association with various noble activities and non-profit making organizations that work for the underprivileged group is a lesson to learn from. At his young age he started donating coats to the poor kids during the winter. When his business was soaring he was donating simultaneously in different organizations.

One notable donation that he made was to the Raleigh’s Performing Arts Center in 1997. Later it changed its name to BTI Center for the Performing Arts. He also bought a huge property in 2000. To buy Casa Casuarina he had to sell some shares of BTI. After a little modification, the property is used for various charitable events. His participation in encouraging activities doesn’t end here.

He also organized camp for boys and girls of America and named it Camp BTI. Additionally, his contribution for the underprivileged youth goes to Oak Ranch.

His association with popular NGO Make-A-Wish foundation proves that he is a man with a big heart. His never ending charity list also includes his contribution to Special Operations Fund that works for the children’s education of fallen tier 1 classified soldier.

Peter Loftin is a living legend and he has shown the path that others should also follow.