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A Look into the Theories and Experiences of Peter Loftin

There are many successful entrepreneurs in this world that set an example for other budding ones. But there are only some we get to know, others remain unknown to the people. They are the persons with outstanding personality and brilliance. It is their ability to visualise things that they are what they have achieved like Peter Loftin, a well-known name among the most popular entrepreneurs across the globe. He is a notable telecom entrepreneur, who founded Business Telecom, Inc. (BTI) at the young age of 25 years, and expanded his business to a multimillion dollar company that was later merged with Deltacom and now (Earthlink).

Here are some very interesting theories and experiences of this young Entrepreneur-

Peter Loftin

  • Though Peter was not that great in management skills, but he polished his sales ability and showed full interest in the long distant market. He just not came with an excellent idea at the right moment; but he even did his homework. This is the reason he is BUISNESS NORTH CAROLINA’S Entrepreneur of the Year. He firmly believed in what he did, being   an energetic risk-taker, patient who picked up a smart goal and attained it. According to Peter Loftin you must have a highly disciplined mind and be brave enough to take a chance.
  • According to him, you have to keep experimenting on lot of things as he said that he did and any successful entrepreneur would have even done. You actually do not know what you want unless until you experiment a little. He had soon realised that he had a liking and interest for sales during his last job at Jacksonville, where he sold office supplies for a Greensboro native, Herb Foltz.
  • Peter Loftin believed that a lot of research and work goes in order to rule out what you really want to achieve. He focussed in his first instinct that was to sell telephonic equipment. He used to pay more attention to his cost factor. His first preference was on profitability and then revenue growth. In competition to his telephonic company many new companies sprung up but were not as good at maintaining balance of the cost side of the equation.
  • According to the sources, he executed in what he believed as he had a clear vision. This was his greatest talent- the aptitude to see the complete picture and see into the future.
  • Peter Loftin stated that there are many individuals who have good sales-type personality, but they lack the skill to ask for an order. In spite of having the best trained staff, Loftin still calls big customers himself.
  • He believed that you have to make your services affordable along with attaining remarkable profits. You have to keep yourself continuously involved with business and along with that keep updating by reading periodicals and business magazines as he used to do it in his spare time. He was very ambitious and he stated that in order to achieve complete success you have to have that killer instinct in you.

He is one of the best living examples and his theories to some extent proved correct. He is now as what he is through his sharp mind and hard work.