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6 Types of Nightlife Venues to Explore in Seminyak, Bali

If you’re researching Bali as a travel destination, you have surely come to know by now that it’s a sort of nightlife paradise, with countless diverse venues catering to every taste and attracting some of the most demanding customers, including A-list celebrities. Seminyak, one Bali’s newest and trendiest resorts, makes no exception to that rule. However, there is more than clubs to it. Discover the different types of nightlife venues and diversify your trip activities, to sample new ways of entertainment each night.windmill

  1. The live music bar

Live music in a laidback atmosphere is what many tourists are looking for after a whole day of trekking, shopping or playing in the waves. If the latest electronic music isn’t your type, head to these venues for friendlier tunes and some really good artists from the Jazz, Latin, fusion or R’n’B genres.

  1. The poolside lounge

If you have booked one of the highly coveted luxury villas Seminyak locals rent out, then you have your own pool to enjoy, in complete privacy; you may even have a private poolside party, all just as you want it to be. However, if you weren’t inspired to book private villa accommodation, then you must not forget to treat yourself to a poolside lounge party. You’ll get to choose the rhythm that fits you. You can dance to the tunes or sip a cocktail on a lounge chair – it’s your choice.

  1. The rooftop terrace

This may be the ultimate choice for watching the sunset, but why not stay longer and spend the night on a rooftop (or clifftop) terrace? The chill-out music will match the setting and the mood. Select one or more of the innovative, tempting drinks on the menu and let the moonlight’s reflection on the water take your breath away. You couldn’t wish for a better place for romance.

  1. The noisy pub

We’re all looking for a crazy lively place every now and then, to lift our vibe. The coastline of Seminyak, Legian and Kuta is home to an impressive strip of bars and pubs of great diversity, from the classic English to Latin themed ones. The good old beer tastes best in the company of laidback, happy people.

  1. The cabaret place

Glamour lovers spend their Seminyak evenings at cabaret shows when they don’t go to lounge clubs and restaurants. You won’t need to look far, as many of these are right on the beach. Some cabaret shows are part of the program when you opt for a restaurant dinner. Others are included in your catamaran trip. Live entertainment is usually fit for the whole family but you should always ask in advance just to make sure it’s appropriate.

  1. The night out at sea

Luxury catamarans usually invite tourists on board for one night, to dine and to enjoy spectacular on-board entertainment. These lavish boat parties host comedy shows too, as well as karaoke and traditional Balinese performances.

From cultural nights out to rave parties, Seminyak is a travel heaven for the ones who don’t fancy sleeping too much. The place is also home to a number of gay bars, as revealed by the rainbow signs. It’s an inclusive, friendly place that you can’t get bored of too soon.