6 Reasons Why Men are Confusing

The fascination for the Male Perspective is real here at shawnflossy.com. The male psyche never ceases to amaze as it is largely simple in nature yet presents so many complications. Here are 6 reasons why men are complicated AND simple at the same time:

They love freaky women up until you too freaking then it’s “who taught you that?”

This is just simply confusing. Make up your mind. Should I be freaky or not? And how do you expect me to be freaky with no prior experience? That’s like asking me to be a chemical engineer without a degree.

Most prefer loyal partners AND, at the same time, absolutely love hoes.

I have no explanation for this one. I really just don’t know. I’m assuming its related to accessibility but I always thought men liked to chase. Again, confusing.

*likes fine ass naked big booty chick on IG* … texts you “why you showing so much arm on the gram?”

This is the case of when you attract your man and then he realizes how fine you are and wants you to stop being attractive. But, only to other people, not to him.. because then he’ll want somebody else. So only be ugly in public but look good in private. Because that makes sense.

Has “pull out for what” in his bio. Complains about paying child support daily on the timeline.

Ok. Let me get this one straight. You would like to have unprotected sex but, in the event that we do have a child together you do not want to support said child? Ok, got it. Thanks for clarifying.

“Ay lil mama you fine as hell”
*you ignore him*
“Well f*ck you too. Ugly ass bih!”

So what is it? Am I fine or ugly? Your feelings can not be that hurt to switch that fast unless you had ill-intentions in the first place which supports why you were ignored.

Swear they love natural women but are largely attracted to fake women with completely unnatural bodies

This one is the most confusing. It’s one thing to like what you like but you do know we can see you publicly praising what you really like, right?

Did we forget anything? Let’s talk about it.