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5 quirky flavors that you can avail with Chicago donut festival free shipping

A homey, doughy and fried creation, it is hard to take away your eye from a cream or jelly glazed donut. There are hundreds of people in Chicago who eagerly wait for the annual donut fest where they can see and buy these sweet delicacies. But here’s something interesting for you. With Chicago donut festival free shipping, you can not only get a taste of this sweet and fried creation but also take these quirky flavors home with you.

In fact with the help of such vouchers, you can take your moms’ to this gala event and surprise her on Mother’s Day. To do that, here are some tokens which you can make use of.

Here are few of such quirky donuts that you can find in donut festivals and avail at a reduced price.

5 crazy donut flavors that will blow your mind in Chicago donut festival

  • Kool-Aid Donuts

Whenever you think about a refreshing drink in the summers, the first name that will pop into your mind is a kool aid. An exceptionally delicious and flavored drink mix; you may ask how one can integrate it with fried food.

  • Fish donuts

How crazy can you imagine to be your food, and especially your donuts? Can it be crazy enough to be made of fish? Well, fish donuts are one of those creations whose looks and taste are both amazing.

  • Bacon and whiskey donut

Who said that donuts have to be just sweet to your palate? Duh… no one! Where the entire donut fest ground is full of sweet and doughy goodness, a savory aspect is an instant attention grabber. You will find this savory donut to be coated in maple whiskey glaze on which the topping are of candied bacon.

  • Jelly and red bull donut

Another of the sweet delights is this caffeinated donut which is created with jello filling and has a topping of Pop Rocks and Nerds. And the addition of red bull is definitely a curious factor that you need to try and find for yourself. You can even gift these fried pastries to your loved one by directly delivering them to their place without paying for shipping charges. You just need to apply Chicago donut festival free shipping and your work is done!

  • Choco cheese donut

What can be better than the combination of chocolate frosting on a donut which is topped with shredded cheese? Although this is a bit uncommon in the circle of donuts, but most people in Chicago love this combination of creamy, sweet and salty mixture.

On Mother’s day, imagine you munching down these mouth-watery donuts and smiling and merry-making all round with your mom. Isn’t it a worthy gift?

Apart from these lip smacking dearies, you can get a whole lot of other freebies with Chicago donut festival coupon code.

Some of vouchers include:

  • You can get $10 back on availing services from restaurants.
  • You can get free rides in premium vehicles
  • You can win a free taxi ride
  • You can avail $25 on laundry service
  • You can win $25 on free wine and dine option
  • You can get up to $50 on car rides

You can use this Chicago donut festival coupon code on the websites of specific service providers who have partnered with this event.  

What else are you waiting for? You just need to find similar crazy donut varieties that you can chomp on at pocket-friendly prices and place an order for delivery without paying extra with Chicago donut festival free shipping. Don’t limit your foodgasm to the regular stuff. Be a little more experimental and give these a try! Your mom will experience the best experience of her life. So make her feel that by using these vouchers to take her there. Or bring back some delicious donuts using free shipping codes as the perfect Mother’s Day present! Either way you will make her smile.

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