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5 Photobook Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Old is Gold! This is very much true about your relationship with your spouse. Over the passage of time, as the bonding gets sweeter and stronger, you have more memories to treasure and share. Though anytime is the celebration time to mark this wonderful and blissful togetherness, an anniversary is the most suitable occasion to take a journey back to the most special day in your life.

If it comes to celebrating and enjoying your marriage anniversary, nothing can be a better gift than the photobook. You will feel happy and nostalgic while flipping through the best photobooks and take a voyage through the visual chronicle of your memorable journey. What is more, you can create such a photobook yourself. Here are some neat and nice photo book ideas for you.

The First Meeting

The journey actually started when you met him/her for the first time. It is really lovely to look back at those bygone days and feel happy how the budding relationship blossomed into a strong bonding over the years, especially if it’s a silver or golden jubilee.

If you want to create a unique and personalized photobook as your anniversary gift, arrange the clicks of your favorite moments in a keychain.

How You Have Aged

You have kept on turning a new page in your life since you met. The first meeting melted in a sweet relationship and matured in marriage. Then you welcomed the first child in your life. It’s really very sweet to see your family growing over time. It’s branching out like a tree.

Each of the beautiful moments you have enjoyed together can make it to your anniversary photobook as the most unforgettable memory. Choose the visual delights of these memorable moments and create a collage with all these.

Then & Now

Time is both a killer and healer. It kills youthful charm and heals the tragedy. Most importantly, time helps you mature as a person. Neither of you are what you were a few years or decades ago. Enjoy the differences between then and now by creating a visual journal with your favourite photos clicked years ago and in recent times.

Photo Albums on Instagram

Despite becoming tech-savvy, many couples still like flipping through the photo albums instead of scrolling through the Instagram posts, especially if you have a greater collection of photos.

However, if you are newlyweds, you can create a photo album on Instagram. It’s better if you create a photobook with the favourite pics shared via the popular social media platform.

Say ‘Thank You’

The recipe of a successful marriage is to fall in love with your spouse as many times as possible. Always work on reviving the charm in a new way, as you grow older in your marital relationship. A lovely way to do so is to whisper in each one’s ear how nice it feels being together.

The photobook you create should have the famous ‘heart’ shape in red on its cover page. For a more personalized touch, gift a beautiful heart-shaped chain or paperweight along with the photobook.