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3 Common Behaviors That Lead Your Dog To Chew

Sometimes you see that your pet is a damaging a lot of things in your home by chewing like your sofa, carpet or even your shoes. Though chewing is a natural instinct in the dogs when he damages the job he is eating, then it can be a matter worry. Usually, there are two types of chewer dogs – gentle and aggressive.

Though chewing something is not a kind act still if he eats the thing and leaves it without completely destroying it then it can be termed as gentle. But when a dog chews any object and swallows it or breaks it, then he is an aggressive chewer.

So to save your belongings from an aggressive chewer dog then the matter has to be tackled carefully. The tips provided hereunder can help you in this regard.

Keep The Things Beyond The Reach Of Your Dog

Though your dog is chewing the things inspired by his natural character if he is destroying your personal things then it is better to start keeping them away from him so that he cannot access them.

If your dog chews the things having your scent in them, then you should keep such things out of sight of your dog. You should give him some toys to chew as after leaving your personal things your aggressive chewer dog may start chewing his own things.

But while buying chew toys for your dog, you should not buy the toys which he can swallow after chewing them for some time.

Buy Suitable Chewable Items

While buying toys for your aggressive chewer dog, you should purchase bones or toys that can last for a long time. A chew proof dog bed can also be a good option in such condition as aggressive chewer dogs also like to chew their own bedding along with other toys to satisfy his aggression.

Moreover, you should consider the size and age of your dog while buying chewable toys for him. Some of the chewable toys for aggressive dogs may include rope, rubber balls and toys made of nylabone.

You can also go for chewable rawhide as they are specially designed for aggressive chewer dogs and do not cause any health problem to them, even if chewed regularly.

Combine Some Real Food With Toys

It is another effective way to deal with your aggressive chewer dog. You can also stuff favorite snacks of your dog inside these toys so that he gets attracted to its smell and remain involved in it unless he can get that to eat.

Sometimes dogs become aggressive chewer after getting bored. So you should try to end his boredom by keeping them busy with some toys. You can also praise your dog when he chews the appropriate things to appease him.

Thus by stimulating your aggressive chewer dog with plenty of chewable toys and his favorite snacks you can save lots of your personal things from getting damaged along with keeping your dog healthy and happy.