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10 Simple Ways to Reach Donors through Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding platforms have encouraged givers to unite and raise over Rs 600 crore since their inception in India alone. The industry rose to encourage individuals and organizations to spark a change; whether it was for a non profit, medical, personal or community-related cause. Surprisingly, platforms gained popularity in a matter of months and were expanding rapidly, quite commendable for a trend that requires the audience to involve in donating online in a sceptical country like India.

How are Crowdfunding India platforms working so efficiently? Part of the reason may be that 350 million Indians are willing to give to causes they care about. Another factor may be that crowdfunding lets campaigners tell stories to move an audience and persuade them to develop concern for their cause. A major reason is the ability to provide donors with a safe, secure and convenient platform that empowers them to make a difference.

But what’s the most important feature that is unique to crowdfunding that makes raising lakhs of rupees overnight possible? The potential to reach a large audience!

10 quick and easy ways to multiply your donor reach

Before your fundraiser goes live, alert at least 10 family members and friends, telling them to make their donation and share your fundraiser on Facebook and Whatsapp. Draft a short message for them to add as they share.

Share updates on your crowdfunding India campaign every 4 days or so. This helps get people excited about your cause and if you post positive updates, your donors will be willing to share them (they may need reminding though).

Build a decent following on as many social media platforms as you can by posting good content regularly. You’ll naturally find more people engaging with your fundraiser updates, and thus with your fundraiser.

Consider getting a Facebook or Instagram ad. Most of us spend hours of our day on social media platforms. Use it to your benefit!

Write a sincere and emotional fundraiser story. People on Facebook, Instagram and other media are constantly looking for interesting stories and engage with this kind of content the most. Social media strategists have witnessed that better content gets better viewership organically.

Get media coverage! Approach pages and accounts with a large existing following to talk about your fundraiser. Most of these pages are on the lookout for such content and would be willing to give you a shoutout.

Personal validation is valuable. Ask your donors to create “support fundraisers” to encourage their contacts. 10 support fundraisers will mean hundreds of people from 10 different networks are possibly looking at your story and considering making a donation.

Maintain a blog, writing short posts as your project progresses! Write how-tos and top tens related to your cause. Who knows? You could build a large following, a part of which could convert to a donor base!

Groups are important. Create Whatsapp groups, join relevant Facebook groups and post updates there as well! This is a great way to increase traffic to your fundraiser page.

Old is gold. Do not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Make personal calls; ask family and friends to talk about your cause with their neighbors and friends. You’ll find people coming to you soon enough, asking about your cause and how they can pitch in!

Find more tips and tricks on crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru to learn more techniques to reach out!